Christopher L. Evans, Sr. is the founder and senior pastor of Destiny Worship Center International, a creative, cutting-edge, 21st century church headquartered in Hogansville, GA.


Pastor Evans is best known as a powerful and prolific preacher who teaches and expounds on the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. Pastor Evans captivates his audiences with wit and a strong sense of humor. With a message of hope and opportunity, he teaches individuals how to dream beyond the moment. He shows individuals how to achieve everything that God has destined for them, regardless of their circumstances. He believes that fulfillment in life is only obtained through discovering and achieving individual purpose. Therefore, Pastor Evans and Destiny Worship Center International exist to help individuals discover their significance in Christ and to assist them to win at life.


At Destiny, great strides are taken to promote excellence in all aspects of life. With a primary focus on encouragement, each message is prepared to enhance individuals' awareness of their destiny. It is Pastor Evans foremost desire that the people of God come into everything that God has for them. As an avid student and researcher of scripture and society, Pastor Evans places strong emphasis on both secular and spiritual education. Destiny is meticulously structured to focus on training and education which in turn will maximize the potential of every member. This structure is exemplified through teachings that endorse the development of the mind as well as the spirit. In 2006, a school of personal development, Change Institute, was launched to provide support for individuals who desire to change in certain areas of their life. This initiative covered a wide variety of subject matters including: singleness, marriage, small business development, tutoring, and physical fitness.


In addition to being an effective communicator, Pastor Evans possesses a host of other skills, talents, and abilities. Recently, he completed his first book entitled Another Chance. As a playwright, he has dazzled audiences with religious comedies and dramas leading hundreds to Christ. Of all of his accomplishments, Pastor Evans is especially delighted to be the father of a daughter, Christa, and of a son, Christopher II.


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